SEPA at the AAAS 2016 Annual Meeting


Make America Scientific Again!

Natalie Jacewicz | 17 October 2016
A blue-ribbon town hall held in New York
comes up with some answers to how that
crucial goal might come about.

A More Scientific Union

The first science-based town hall for the 2016 election and a crucial moment
for highlighting science issues this election year to the public.


Science and the Election: Media

Chuck Nice – StarTalk Radio and Comedian
Nomiki Konst – SiriusXM Progress
Aaron Carroll – Professor of Pediatrics, New York Times contributor, YouTube creator
Emily Elert – MinuteEarth on YouTube
Moderator: John Iadarola – The Young Turks


Science and the Election: Health, Medicine, Environment

Rush Holt – Former Congressman, President of American Association for the Advancement of Science
Harold Varmus – Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (14th Director of NCI (Obama), 14th Director of NIH (Clinton))
Andy Revkin – New York Times journalist and blogger
Mary Woolley – President, Research!America
Majora Carter – Original TED Speaker, radio host, founder Sustainable South Bronx